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Hi there, I’ve deep traces across the mouth in addition to below the mouth formed "u" line? These traces are slightly below the corners of my mouth, on either side. Additionally, a frown like a wrinkle between my lips and my chin. What’s the trigger and what’s the remedy? I’m very aware of it.

I do know precisely what you imply. This groove or fold from the nook of the mouth to the chin is usually referred to as the mdf or mesolabial fold. However … there may be additionally one other drawback. The corners of the mouth can go down even with out quite a lot of MLF.

You didn’t say your age, however I’d guess greater than 45-50 as a result of that's when lots of our sufferers begin to discover it. The traces on the corners of the mouth and below the chin are brought on by a lack of quantity and a contraction of the muscle tissues.

Listed here are some issues to think about:

In case you straighten your cheeks (didn’t all of us do this :)), discover that this fold is best. If a quantity is added "upstream" with an upward vector, this helps. Notice that this doesn’t embody chipmunk cheeks!
The tightening of the pores and skin of the face, particularly the cheeks, helps to reposition this fold. A well-designed Thermage gadget or different RF (Radio Frequency) gadget could also be helpful in the event you reply. Speak to your dermatologist.
Among the many many muscle tissues across the mouth, there may be one who pulls his mouth down, referred to as the Anguli Ori (DAO) depressant. Whether it is too tight, it may be relaxed with a small drop of Botox or Dysport. The medical specialists are simply what you want, as a result of a mistake ruins your smile for months. This can be a non-FDA compliant use.
Getting older leads to a lack of collagen and construction on the nook (angle) of the mouth. Supporting this with a filling will be useful.
The chin space is comparable in that the quantity assist is the important thing. As well as, there are LOTS of blood vessels on this space. Subsequently, seek the advice of a physician if you don’t want to harm your self.

A blunt finish cannula will be very useful in case your supplier is aware of methods to use them.

I hope it will show you how to,

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