What’s collagen? Full Information to Collagen in Pores and skin Care

It's no secret that collagen is the important thing to a youthful complexion. This structural protein offers the assist and stability wanted to maintain pores and skin agency, plump and elastic. Sadly, our physique's collagen reserves diminish quickly with age. Learn on to seek out out what collagen does for the pores and skin and how one can defend it from harm.

What’s collagen?

Collagen is the cornerstone of lots of our tissues and organs, together with our bones, muscular tissues, pores and skin and even our tooth. This structural protein takes its title from the Greek phrase "kolla", which suggests glue (a helpful clue to the function it performs within the physique). Collagen is what binds our cells and tissues collectively, serving to them preserve their form, elasticity and power.

Collagen takes its title from the Greek phrase "kolla", which suggests glue.

A lot of the collagen is discovered and produced within the dermis (the second layer of the pores and skin). Right here, fibroblasts synthesize collagen strands that appear to be lengthy braids or ropes. In accordance with SELF : "Particular person amino acids bind to type lengthy chains, which assemble to type thicker strands. These strands twist after which wrap round one to the opposite to type triple helices. Lastly, these propellers join finish to finish and stack on high of one another to type clusters known as fibrils. These fibrils type a mesh community that offers the pores and skin its underlying construction and assist.

three kinds of collagen

There are 28 kinds of collagen discovered within the physique, however sorts I, II and III are essentially the most plentiful. These three sorts account for as much as 90% of the physique's whole collagen consumption. Right here is how they differ:

Sort I

Sort I is the commonest sort of collagen and offers structural assist for our bones, organs and connective tissues (together with pores and skin). It’s extremely elastic and may stretch significantly with out breaking. In truth, a examine MIT revealed that sort I collagen fibrils are 5 to 10 instances stronger than metal.

Sort II

Sort II collagen is the cornerstone of cartilage. Not like sort I collagen which is rigorously organized, sort II types extra muddle. This association offers the cartilage its versatile and elastic high quality that enables it to compress and cushion our joints simply.

Sort III

Sort III collagen is especially concentrated in bone marrow and lymph tissues. Its slender fibers are organized in branches which present assist to the specialised cells concerned within the era of blood cells. It’s typically discovered subsequent to sort I collagen within the pores and skin and performs a key function in wound restore.

What does collagen do for the pores and skin

Collagen is essentially the most plentiful protein within the pores and skin – and for good purpose. This structural protein offers power, assist and elasticity to maintain pores and skin agency, plumped and youthful. Take a better take a look at what collagen does for the pores and skin.

offers assist and construction

Collagen fibers bind tissues collectively. With their robust braid-like composition, they perform as sturdy columns that assist and assist the highest layer of the pores and skin. While you're younger, these columns supply the soundness and rigidity that maintain your pores and skin tense and lifted. This robust base retains the youthful form of your pores and skin intact.

Retains pores and skin agency and pulpy

Along with elastin and hyaluronic acid, collagen is discovered within the dermis, the center layer of the pores and skin that offers it quantity, density and rebound. Collectively, these supplies type a decent, versatile community that retains pores and skin agency, plumped and supple. When it’s plentiful, collagen prevents sagging of the pores and skin and prevents wrinkling and wrinkling that contribute to wrinkles and advantageous traces.

Improves elasticity

This spring and this rebound that you just see in a younger pores and skin? Credit score that to collagen. Along with retaining your complexion agency and fats, collagen improves the suppleness and elasticity of the pores and skin. This not solely helps stop the formation of wrinkles, but additionally helps scale back the looks of stretch marks and cellulite.

Why can we lose collagen?

After we are younger, the pores and skin comprises an abundance of collagen, however over time it begins to say no. Dr. Hooman Khorasani Chief of the Dermatological and Aesthetic Surgical procedure Division of the Mount Sinai Well being System tells us, "Our pores and skin has a fragile steadiness between manufacturing and collagen degradation. It will probably take as much as 6 months for collagen to be synthesized in our physique. As you age, corticosteroids are likely to cease the manufacturing of recent collagen and speed up the breakdown of recent collagen. "

Our pores and skin has an excellent steadiness between collagen manufacturing and its breakdown.

Publicity to environmental stressors accelerates this course of. Unhealthy existence (equivalent to smoking and consuming numerous sugar) in addition to stress, air pollution and UV rays trigger free radical harm that accelerates collagen depletion. By the point we attain our twenties, we lose about 1% collagen yearly.

The end result: seen indicators of ageing

After we lose extra collagen than we produce, the seen indicators of ageing start to seem rapidly. The weakened collagen cannot present the structural assist we’d like and as collagen ranges lower, our pores and skin turns into thinner, begins to sag and develops wrinkles and advantageous traces.

As Clarify SHAPE "When collagen is highly effective, your pores and skin bounces. But when the collagen is weak, repeated actions trigger everlasting creases. The pores and skin doesn’t have sufficient collagen to fill the furrow, so that you see a line even when you don’t squint and you don’t wrinkle, and it doesn’t have the identical density to face up to the gravity. "

Elements stimulating collagen manufacturing

With the numerous advantages of collagen for the pores and skin, it isn’t stunning that it’s an ingredient that’s starting to make its look in skincare. Nevertheless, collagen in skincare just isn’t so simple as including it to a listing of elements. Learn on to seek out out why.

The issue of dimension

The largest drawback (with the pun) with collagen is its dimension. Dr. Joshua Zeichner says The Zoe Report : "The pure collagen molecules are too large to be absorbed as such by the physique." Due to their dimension, these useful proteins cannot penetrate the pores and skin. As an alternative, skincare specialists suggest the usage of topical therapies containing elements equivalent to peptides, retinol and vitamin C, which stimulate and defend the pure collagen manufacturing of your pores and skin.


To avoid the issue of dimension, many topical therapies include collagen peptides. These small chains of amino acids are extra simply absorbed by the pores and skin. Once they attain the dermis, the peptides present the pores and skin fibroblasts with the fundamental parts they should produce new collagen. By making use of peptides by skincare, we will truly get the pores and skin to make extra of this important protein.


Retinol is one other topical ingredient that stimulates the synthesis of collagen within the pores and skin. In accordance with SHAPE, "the genes and the" lighted "cells of retinol and retinol take part within the manufacturing of collagen. Additionally they assist to arrange new and current collagen. "You’ll be able to take pleasure in the advantages of retinol – and keep away from negative effects – by selecting a botanical-based model equivalent to our Different to Pure Retinol .


Vitamin C

Antioxidants equivalent to vitamin C improve collagen manufacturing and defend it. Vitamin C not solely prompts pores and skin fibroblasts for the manufacturing of recent collagen, but additionally stabilizes the collagen you have already got, serving to the pores and skin to remain agency, plump and youthful longer. Search for sera that mix this antioxidant with vitamin E and ferulic acid. Analysis reveals that these vitamins multiply by eight the effectiveness of vitamin C!

Vitamin C not solely prompts the pores and skin's fibroblasts to provide new collagen, but additionally stabilizes the collagen you have already got, serving to the pores and skin keep agency, plump and youthful longer.

Pores and skin Care Merchandise Serving to Collagen Loss

Now that you already know the advantages of bettering and defending collagen out of your pores and skin, it's time to discover the skincare merchandise that may make your pores and skin look stronger and youthful. . Listed below are a few of our favorites to enhance and defend your pores and skin.

Serum and eye cream primarily based on marine flower peptides

This skincare duo consists of our Good Collagen + Advanced that mixes botanical collagen, pure plant peptides and seaweed extracts. Collectively, these elements give the pores and skin a robust and elastic look. Marine Flower Peptide Serum and Sea Flower Eye Cream may be added to any skincare program for a smoother, extra fleshy and youthful wanting pores and skin.

System for the illumination of peels and Arctic berry peptides

This three-step peel and peptide system includes a fancy Peptide Illuminating Advanced derived from a wealthy antioxidant combination of hibiscus seed peptides, Gardenia stem cells and yellow plum extract. This mix of antioxidants, botanical peptides and stem cells minimizes the seen indicators of ageing and offers the pores and skin a firmer and smoother look.

Firming Fluid for Bamboo

This silky focus is formulated with our pure various to retinol. This natural complicated mimics the results of standard retinol by showing to elevate and agency the pores and skin. Derived from chicory root and tara extract, it offers the identical firming and smoothing outcomes with out the danger of irritation and downtime.

Highly effective C + E Serum with Citrus and Kale

This excessive antioxidant serum combines potent vitamin C, vitamin E and ferulic acid. Collectively, these elements assist the pores and skin look agency and plump whereas lowering the seen indicators of ageing. Eminence Organics The top coach in skincare Natalie Pergar tells us, "We’ve got formulated the vitamin C focus at an optimum degree in order to not irritate whereas providing highly effective advantages as antioxidants. "

Spa Therapies

You may as well improve collagen manufacturing out of your pores and skin with spa therapies. Listed below are among the hottest collagen regeneration therapies accessible.


Microneedling, or collagen induction remedy, is a confirmed methodology for exciting collagen manufacturing. This remedy creates 1000’s of microscopic punctures within the pores and skin to assist heal wounds. These micro-lesions trigger the fibroblasts of the pores and skin to synthesize new collagen and elastin. Stefanie Williams MD recounts The Gloss : "The medical needling offers a slight enhance to the pores and skin to remind it to proceed to provide contemporary collagen. It’s a very pure regenerative remedy that helps the pores and skin to assist itself. "

The medical needling offers a slight enhance to the pores and skin to remind it to proceed to provide contemporary collagen.

Laser Therapies

Fractional lasers are one other instance. These work the identical manner as microneedling in that they trigger tiny, managed wounds that set off the creation of recent collagen. On this case, quite than utilizing medical needles, the skincare skilled will use resurfacing lasers to stimulate collagen manufacturing. Dr. Zeichner narrated Harper's Bazaar : "Lasers act by puncturing microscopic holes within the pores and skin, making a managed burn and making the most of the pores and skin's capacity to heal itself. after an damage. "

Microcurrent Remedy

In case your pores and skin is at first of the ageing course of, the micro-current remedy could also be useful. One of these remedy is especially appropriate for skins displaying the primary indicators of ageing, as a result of they permit pores and skin fibroblasts to perform optimally and produce wholesome collagen of top quality. In microcurrent remedy, two low-intensity electrically conductive steel rods are pulled to the floor of the pores and skin to stimulate and revitalize the facial muscular tissues.

Are you able to discover the advantages of collagen skincare? Schedule a session with a licensed beautician at an Eminence Organics companion spa close to you!

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